I am Danica Kragic, a seamstress and a scientist.


Rodebjer has conscious, driven women with the courage to both fail and succeed as the main source of inspiration. Rodebjer is by and for independent women. Empowering them to do their thing, to be great and to be whoever they wish to be. The scientist or the pilot. The teacher or the nurse. The queen or the president. The mother or the superstar.
Rodebjer wanted to convey this feeling in their first ever foray into advertising, which resulted in the I AM campaign.


I AM turns the spotlight on women who make a difference. The first chapter is fronted by Danica Kragic, robotics scientist and professor in Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The campaign shows the strength of multifaceted personalities, and the importance of being allowed to access all versions of oneself.
The campaign launched by premiering the film with Danica at the Rodebjer flagship store followed by a flash mob of 30 women, who represent the Rodebjer woman, walking around wearing T-shirts with bold words from the Rodebjer I AM campaign message printed across the front. It was the visual realization of what the brand stood for, in real life and on film. Watch the film above!


With the I AM campaign, Rodebjer strengthened their position as the catalyst for creating a movement that empowered strong, proud women everywhere.
Phase II of the campaign engaged influencers to tell their I AM story, spreading the message further.  And limited edition T-shirts with the words from the campaign VO were available for sale at Rodebjer stores, turning an advertising campaign into retail. Once again, resulting in something real and tangible for Rodebjer.
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