Digital visionary, philosopher, Japan devotee and swimrum newbie Mathias Eriksson just can’t take bad content. Epic or nothing at all. Pushing everybody forward is his daily chore. Matter is his child, his universe and his pop band. He might have been the first person in Sweden talking about digital content. When content marketing is a mainstream term, he turns Matter into the first content integration agency.

Why all this?

– Matter is born out of frustration. Everything could be better. Everything could be integrated. But nobody did the obvious. I couldn’t see anybody focusing on creating real value for the reader or following a longterm plan for their content.


  • Exploring the total immersion swimming technique
  • Studied Social Anthropology
  • Has a major crush on Iran
  • Has worked with branding, as a journalist at Sveriges Radio and part-owned an ad agency before starting Matter in 2010



+46 702 28 14 77

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