At Matter we work every day to change the media landscape towards Valuable Content, everywhere. You being here, ready to fill out this form means that you are considering to join us on this journey. That is pretty amazing!

Maybe you are wondering why you are facing a form as the first step of our recruitment process? The reason is simply because we believe that the best people out there for us to hook up with might be someone that we don’t know yet. This is the reason why we want to give everyone the same chance to make a first impression.

And that is also the reason why this first step of our process is anonymous. We don’t want to know your name, your sex, your possible disabilities, your looks, your skin colour or who you know that works with us already. When you are asked to proceed in our process it is going to be because of your skills and ambitions. Meaning, the one deciding if there is going to be an offer to continue for you or not is not going to be able to see your name and contact details until the decision is made.

We expect you to submit your answers in English and not disclose your identity.

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