Electricity is a commodity we take for granted. We only pay attention to it when it’s not working. Weird, since energy – how we use it, and what sources we choose – is a key issue of our time.
E.ON, one of the world’s largest privately-owned energy groups, wants their consumers to embrace the energy issue with the same personal commitment they do. The topic for 2016: consumer-produced solar power.


Over our five year collaboration with E.ON Matter has assisted the multi-faceted E.ON Sverige on their journey of forming one coherent voice across the organization. In over 300 articles we connected energy with real people, presented relevant stories based on valuable angles and topics. Addressing solar was easily integrated into our well-defined task.


We found we needed different kinds of content to promote all the different aspects of solar. We made easy-to-click lists of spectacular solar power: from space to the Swedish royal castle, from smart lamps to Alcatraz.
We targeted both B2B and B2C audiences and showcased inspiring people with homemade innovations and solar panels on their homes. Companies with big installations in their facilities. We told the stories of how they are saving money and building independence. We also shared knowledge on how it all works through interviews with experts and entertaining infographics.
The content was published in native advertising initiatives, on social and owned channels, and as beautiful magazine features.


The campaign searching for Solfarmare led to 7 700 applications.

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