E.ON – Sveriges skönaste gårdar

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– Det känns riktigt bra att ha fått det här testet, det absolut bästa är ju naturen och vidderna och att få leva med renarna som är det finaste djur som finns, Peter Andersson, Renbiten i Idre, om att ha vunnit Sveriges Skönaste Gårdar.


As the main sponsor of the TV show Sveriges Skönaste Gårdar produced by TV4, E.ON was a part of the jury nominating and selecting the winners of the competition; Swedens most energy and cost efficient farm. Providing viewers with interesting and useful information and knowledge – in terms of energy sufficiency – which supported E.ON’s position and the communication about services available for farm owners.


Strengthening and supporting E.ON’s participation in the show by producing supporting and relevant content for E.ON’s owned channels. The challenge was to find a way to activate the sponsorship.


Six informative and engaging short videos featuring the winners of the program – talking about their diverse ways of working with energy efficiency – were produced during the second and third season of the show. In addition to the films a few shorter versions were produced for PR use and one in depth film showcasing the service Energikartläggningen.


We had a plan. For the message and how to execute on it. So far so good, but one should never stop there. An important question we always strive to ask ourselves and our clients is; ’So, how do we make sure that the target group get to see this?’. Because we know what happens if that question remains unanswered, and frankly put, the answer is – not much. This case is an example of that because, in terms of views, the results just weren’t satisfying enough. Buying space for your content is one effective way to make people aware of its existence, and a valid strategy on how to turn great content into valuable content. There are also other smart strategies but the point is that there has to be a plan, and we keep on reminding ourselves and our clients about the importance of that.

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