I am not someone who is politically inclined, by that I mean, I do not live and breathe politics or get caught up in debates about politics.  I do, however, have an opinion, care about the issues, and I always vote.

As an American citizen, I have by default been dragged into politics this general election for U.S. President, and to be fair, the whole world’s really been abuzz about it.  And we all know why, it’s been quite a ride with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running against each other in the presidential race.  And often, people tend to forget that politics is a game in itself and whoever is running for office and whoever wins, will never really change the game.  Cynical? Perhaps.  True? I believe so.  Anyone standing on a soapbox has a hidden agenda and always will, that’s politics and it runs the world.

I think elections are very personal, people will take from them only those things that are incredibly personal.  One will generally look at what one is most affected by.

But the personal is, of course, a public choice.  And in a country like America with 300 million people, an issue where say 5% of the population feels a certain way about something, we’re talking about the opinion of 15 million people (that’s way more than the population of Sweden).  So, in the U.S. a small decision, putting up any issue for a vote, stirs and affects millions of people at the drop of a hat.  The U.S. is a vast country with so many different people with different interests and that mix in the population is really like no other country in the world.  When you’re out canvassing for votes, you have to be able to touch on the personal while still finding that universal theme that can unify people.  Not easy in a country of 300 million individuals.  And on the surface, the issues are simplified down to a tag line, which to the rest of the world appears incredibly superficial for picking the next ruler of a Super Power, who has the ability to shape world politics.

This 2016 general election has shaped outside perception of the U.S. like never before, with two candidates pitted against each other who appear to be true polar opposites, which points to a country filled with people with opposite views.

Today, Donald Trump won.  I hope for the greater good of my country and the world, and it remains to be seen how this President will unify America and shape its impact on the world at large.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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