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“Everybody at Nudie Jeans carry the story of the brand, they live it every day. But no one told it. It was an honour to help them share their story using the tools we have at our disposal. Leash the process and unleash the creativity.”

– Emil Carlsson Rinstad, Creative


“Nudie Jeans is a digital company working with the digital evolution, constantly adapting and improving their work. Accompanying them on their journey is simply just great.”

– Julia Johansson, Strategist


In just over a decade, Nudie Jeans accumulated a large, global and dedicated fan base. An image of a pair of jeans, properly worn in, generated thousands of likes, tributes and debate among denim enthusiasts around the world.

Nudie Jeans ascertained that the activities of these social media platforms were not optimally linked and integrated. Neither intergroup nor in relation to the company’s blog, website and online shop. In terms of editorial planning, there were also room for improvements. Which business goals should the digital communication work for and who were really their readers?


Matters first task was to help Nudie Jeans identify the main goal for all communication. In short that goal became: “To sell more products in their own channels – Reclaiming indepedence”. Then began the task of collecting all Nudie Jeans’ sites under one roof with one clear strategy and to provide guidelines for SEO, storylines, content types and publishing feeds – what we call Content Strategy and Content Program.

An extensive KPI framework has been developed for the measurement of the outcome, both in social media and cashbook. During the last three year period Matter worked flexibly on different levels and areas within the organisation, scaling up and down the collaboration where the work was best needed. A good factor has been our participation in the everyday work in recurring editorial boards where we have been fine-tuning the Editorial Activation Plan together.


After merely nine months of working together – we saw the progress had been massive. Involvement in social media had risen substantially, as well as brand knowledge and reach. Nudie Jeans themselves say the biggest success so far is the “structured and ever-changing process towards better and better content.”

We’ve also been awarded with the Highly Commended title at International Content Marketing Awards 2014 for our work together.

Read the whitepaper on our work together.

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