ACADEMIC WORK – 100 000 reasons to celebrate

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Academic Work has put one hundred thousand people to work. A major achievement worth celebrating. Big time. To do so we turned the spotlight on the 100 000th employee, Daniel.

The thing was, he didn’t know.


Academic Work put great pride in their core mission – putting people to work. In 2016 they passed a major milestone: employing their 100 000th candidate. An epic achievement worthy an epic celebration.


Create an event to celebrate the importance of this moment for the organisation. And, make this event interesting enough for people to engage with.


We wanted to illustrate the moment of unconditional joy in getting a job, but also encourage people to celebrate success. So we created a party. A surprise party for the 100 000th employee – Daniel. We built a fake room at the Academic Work office and called Daniel in to sign the contract. When the contract was signed the walls off the room collapsed and the office was filled with Bollywood dancers, drummers, gymnasts, carnival queens. All captured by hidden cameras.


The film quickly became Academic Works most popular Facebook post ever with over 500 000 views, 1900 likes, 654 shares and tons of positive comments. But most important, the campaign sent an empowering example both internally and externally: Academic Work is all about putting people to work and every job counts.

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